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Commercial / Industrial Piling & Underpinning

All structural foundations naturally settle over time, but in cases of excessive settlement or where the original foundation is not sufficiently strong or stable it may become necessary to shore up the foundation with piling or underpinning. Required base sizes and depths are dependent upon prevailing ground conditions. Our experienced technicians can perform an inspection to determine the extent of settlement and offer a solution that is right for you. We provide commercial customers with piling and underpinning services. If your building’s foundation needs structural repairs, call us for a free estimate and project management details. You have several options available for foundation rehabilitation, including micro-piles, screw piles and push piles.

Micropiles for underpinning are used to crate foundations for transmission towers and highway foundations. Steel screw piles are anchoring systems efficiently screwed to the ground to meet engineered design load and settlement outcomes. Screw piles are used to build foundations. Push pile systems are driven hydraulically to provide support to structures in constricted areas.

Our underpinning and stabilization services save you money on installing a new foundation by enhancing load capacity or making the existing foundation stronger. Common uses for underpinning includes improving weak underlying soil, raising settled foundations and stabilizing sinkhole conditions.

Commercial Waterproofing & Drainage Solutions

BC Concrete & Basement Repairs is an approved contractor for BC Hydro and takes on commercial and civil work involving various applications. Our experienced technicians can assist with the following:

  • Blindside waterproofing – waterproofing from the interior of the structure to the exterior
  • Air-gap membranes (dimple sheets or drain board) – sheet products providing positive drainage against vertical or horizontal surfaces, creating a pathway for water
  • Repairs involving dams, tunnels and manholes

If you have questions about our commercial and civil work capabilities, please contact us

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